Burkes Mechanical Company

Burkes Mechanical

Today our operations span multiple states with a staff of over 900 employees serving clients like you in a host of industries. Burkes has become the essential partner for clients needing quick response and quality work. As this need has increased, we not only have grown in size, but in capabilities as well.

While Burkes may have begun as a primarily “mechanical” company, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of clients like you with the same commitment we started with.  Today our services include, but are not limited to, electrical, instrumentation, fabrication, and crane rental.

Contact: Chip Burkes

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Brent, AL 35034 


Ferrell Gas

“Propane provider” doesn’t properly introduce us.

At Ferrellgas, we are in the business of providing meaningful moments, memories full of warmth, dependability you can trust, and outcomes you had only dreamed possible. Whatever your day has in store, we’re here to fuel what matters to you.

We’ve got roots here.

Our company was founded in 1939 by a hard-working family in Atchison, Kansas. In 1939 a loaf of bread cost eight cents, Lou Gehrig announced his retirement from the New York Yankees, and the film The Wizard of Oz had just made its box office debut. Although a lot has changed since then, the values and work ethic that propelled a small company forward after the Great Depression still persist today. Throughout almost a century of innovation and treating customers with respect, we’ve grown to become one of the nation’s largest employee-owned propane leaders. Our story is a testament to the livelihood of the American dream, and we are proud to fuel the lives of customers all over America.

Contact: Grace Loebler

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Sabel Steel

Sabel Steel is a progressive company founded in 1856 that is steeped in tradition with a history of customer service. As the Southeast continues to grow, the needs and desires of our customers change. Sabel recognizes these evolving trends and continuously leads the way to meet the values and needs of our customers now and into the future.

Being independent of large conglomerate concerns, Sabel Steel is able to maintain close, personal contact with their steel customers, offer better service and have more flexibility in meeting customer needs.

As a member of the North American Steel Alliance, Sabel Steel has benefited from their steel purchasing and operational programs, lowering internal costs, resulting in better value to their customers.

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