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The 157,000 acre Talladega National Forest, Oakmulgee District is located in the Fall Line Hills of the Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain Physiographic Region.  Dissected by the Cahaba River, the Oakmulgee, and its bottomlands, generally run east to west, and to the south is the Black Belt Prairie region.  The vegetation is similar to Upper Coastal Plains with steep slopes more reminiscent of the Appalachian Plateau.

The longleaf of the Oakmulgee represents Alabama’s largest contiguous longleaf forest.  It is also among the most unique ecosystem as it is a remnant ecosystem cut off from any current similar land cover types for sharing flora and fauna species or their genetic and reproductive characteristics. Soil types, vegetation, topography, and historical land use patterns have created a mosaic of habitats often contradictory including hardwood species on slopes and pine species in mesic drainages.

Contact: National Forest Service Ranger Mark Pentecost

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