Tabernacle Farm

We are Jerry and Cynthia Winegard and we operate an animal boarding and farm animal experience facility called Tabernacle Farm.  We have climate controlled kennels for dogs and open pastures for farm animals.  There is a petting area where you can feed and pet some of the farm animals but keep in mind, they are animals and may kick, bite, head butt or poop on you at any time.  We also take in unwanted or neglected farm animals to give them a safe and happy home.

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177 Tabernacle Rd
Brent, AL 35034 


Veterinary Office of Centreville

We provide routine vaccinations and preventative care/medications, emergency services, farm call services, general and exploratory surgeries, minor orthopedic surgery, dental care, radiology, in-house blood panels, large animal ultrasound/pregnancy check, grooming, boarding, and a variety of prescription diets and treats for all of your pets.

Kevin B. Bolding, DVM, Owner

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1780 Montgomery Hwy
Centreville, AL 35042